I’m Kelly Shallman! The Graphic Designer.

Alumni of Michigan State University – Advertising BA

I do freelance work for businesses, authors, music artists, pharmaceuticals and more. I love entrepreneurship and thoroughly enjoy the creative process behind it’s development!

I have the most experience in creating social media marketing, operating accounts, and developing various print/digital content for clients. In the past year I have dipped my feet into the mobile application UI/UX realm as well!

I make jewelry, paint, and draw in my free time. Before I chose Advertising I was in Pre-Med and Pre-Vet; but decided that my creativity overpowered my “science-mind”.  I have always felt a deep desire to help all living beings in any way that I can. So I’m very blessed to say that I get the best of both worlds by being involved with advertising for health care today. Offering my talents to help others reach their business/marketing goals is truly one of my greatest passions.